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Shandy Hauk is a Senior Research Associate in the Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Technology Program at WestEd. Hauk is a specialist in culturally responsive mixed-methods research and assessment design for K-20 mathematics and science teaching and learning. After finishing a BA in theater and film at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and teaching middle and high school English and math for a few years, she completed a PhD in mathematics at UCI (1997), a post-doctoral fellowship in mathematics education at Arizona State University (2001), and was tenured in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado (UNCo; 2007). Still a graduate faculty member at UNCo, Hauk has been with WestEd since 2009.

Currently Project Director with Co-Director Cathy Carroll for Making Middle School Mathematics Accessible to All Students, Hauk leads the research team for this teacher professional development project funded by the Institute of Education Sciences. The project supports 75 teachers, paraprofessionals, and teacher leaders in California, Texas, and Colorado in learning teams as they use Web 2.0 digital tools to communicate professionally about implementing core ideas from language development to improve middle school mathematics teaching and learning.

As co-PI and head of the research group for the National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Mathematics Teacher Leadership Center, Hauk guides a team of researchers for a partnership of Colorado and Wyoming school districts and universities providing a master’s-degree-based program to support culturally competent master teachers and teacher leaders in the Rocky Mountain region. In addition, she is a researcher in culturally responsive materials and assessment development on the NSF-funded Culturally Relevant Ecology, Learning Progressions, and Environmental Literacy project. The project’s professional development for teachers and curriculum development for grades 7 to 12 environmental science students have been used by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students across the United States.

In the role of Project Director for the U.S. Department of Education (FIPSE)-sponsored Video Cases for Novice College Mathematics Instructor Professional Development, Hauk leads the development, research, and piloting of a book-DVD package of video cases and supporting materials. To be published by 2012, the materials are aimed at helping new college teachers develop skills for mathematics teaching and learning in undergraduate service courses (e.g., calculus for the life sciences, math for prospective teachers, college algebra, liberal arts mathematics).

Hauk is also the mathematics content review team leader for the National Center for Cognition and Mathematics Instruction, a project that refines and researches the impact of a successful middle school mathematics curriculum (Connected Mathematics Project) using key cognitive science principles. Hauk’s work in mathematics instructional enhancement also includes her role as reviewer for the NSF-funded Math Pathways and Pitfalls online teacher professional development materials. As a National Advisory Board member for the NSF-sponsored Mathematics and Culture in Micronesia: Integrating Societal Experiences (MACIMISE) project, Hauk supports the development of distance-delivered mathematics education graduate programs in the Northern Pacific; the doctoral and master’s students in these programs are working to produce culturally and linguistically relevant mathematics curricula for grades 1, 4, and 7 for that region.

Prior to joining WestEd, Hauk taught K-12 and college mathematics, middle and high school English, and graduate mathematics education research theory and design. As a member of the mathematical sciences faculty at the University of Northern Colorado, Hauk has been doctoral advisor for six PhD students whose research work ranges from pre-service elementary teacher pedagogical content knowledge for integer and fraction multiplication to visualization and the function concept among college students with ADHD and novice college teacher professional learning about mathematics instruction.

Selected recent publications include:
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