Don Rubinstein

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Don Rubinstein is a Professor of Anthropology and Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam, where he has been working since 1988. He has degrees in Anthropology (U. Penn B.A. 1970; Stanford M.A.1972, PhD 1979) and Public Health (U.H. Mānoa 1983).

He conducted long term fieldwork on Fais Island in the Yap Outer Islands in the 1970s, and in Chuuk Lagoon in the 1980s. His research interests are mainly focused on Micronesian family structure, social change, adolescent suicide, and traditional arts of Micronesia.

At the University of Guam, he teaches graduate courses on Peoples and Cultures of Micronesia, Art of Micronesia, Health and Human Adaptation in Micronesia, and Contemporary Issues and Problems in Micronesia.